The Procedure to Set up the SBCGlobal Email with its Setting?

SBCGlobal Email is one of the well popular email services used by millions of people from all across the world. The mails can be sent to individual people or a group of organizations very securely by using the SBCGlobal account. But to perform these processes to convey the important messages from one person to another, the user must have a proper SBCGlobal yahoo email setting.

With this complete guide, you will know about the very basic details of the SBCGlobal email, its features, how to perform the SBCGlobal email login, the different settings such as Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

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Differences that make SBCGlobal different from the other email services.

After becoming the subsidiary of the AT&T email, more features have been added, and it has given its best to fulfill all the expectations from its users.

● The customized home pages can be easily changed by the users according to his likes and what he wants to make the changes.

● The spam blocker will block the unnecessary emails, which are in the spam category.

● The address book will keep all the contact details which will be helpful to the user, the emails can be imported or exported easily.

Setting Procedure for the SBCGlobal Email

In case you have a different email client then performing the proper email setting can be useful in many case if you have any issues with the incoming as well as the outgoing mail servers.

Some of the errors can be responsible to make you perform the settings.

● There is a configuration required in the internet setting.

● Configuration issues in the POP as well as the IMAP setting.

● Configuration in the SMTP setting.

The IMAP settings for the SBCGlobal email

Email settings

SBCGlobal Email setting

AT&T IMAP Server

IMAP port

995 or 993

IMAP server


The SMTP setting for the SBCGlobal Email

AT&T SMTP Server

SMTP port

465 or 587

SMTP security


SMTP username

email address

SMTP password password

The process to Perform the SBCGlobal net outlook settings

Follow these basic steps to execute the process of the SBCGlobal net outlook settings.

● Access outlook express.

● Choose File.

● Go to the account settings.

● Here go to the updated account.

● For the internet email setting choose the IMAP or POP3.

● Make sure the user name and the password you are using are correct for the SBCGlobal Email login.

● For POP3 accounts

1. for the Incoming mail server

2. for the Outgoing mail server.

● For IMAP accounts

1. for the Incoming mail server,

2. for the Outgoing mail server.

● Go to the More Settings.

● Go to the Advanced tab.

● For POP3 accounts, the Incoming server (POP3) is port 995.

● secure connection (SSL) has to be chosen.

● The outgoing server(SMTP) port is 465.

● secure connection (SSL)has to be chosen.

● The outgoing server(SMTP) is port 465 or 587.

● Click on OK.

● select Next.

● Select Finish.

If you have any issues with the Yahoo SBCGlobal email settings then connecting with the online professionals will help you in every possible way.

Here you get articles having some technical information. You can read them and get solutions of the problems you are facing with that particular thing.

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